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Demystifying the M Word

It’s YOUR Unique Journey, But You Don’t Have to Go Through Menopause Alone

Perimenopause. Menopause. Postmenopause. These are the three stages of menopause as documented by the medical field. We have that in common. However, no two women experience the exact same symptoms at the exact same age. And to complicate things further, talking about “the M word” in many homes, cultures, and relationships remains taboo. 

Now, Nathalie Bonafe is helping to change that. Your experience of menopause is unique to YOU, and so should your menopause support be. 

Myth Busted:

Menopause Is the End of My Sex Life

This is a common misconception. While the three stages of menopause absolutely affect your emotional and mental state, including your sex drive, women can and do experience and enjoy healthy sex during and after this natural body transition.

“Our quality of life depends on the quality of our relationships,” says Nathalie, “and menopause is often a turning point. Together, we’ll explore the biological factors behind relationship problems and give you tools to rebuild based on your own goals and values.”

Myth Busted:

Menopause Will Ruin My Career

You are likely at the peak of your career by the time you reach perimenopause. And it’s completely normal to worry about the changes in mood, energy, and mental clarity affecting your work. Rest assured though, menopause is not the end.

Nathalie works with women to strengthen their position at the office even as their bodies undergo this amazing time of transition. You can create more secure footing within your career and with your colleagues and associates than you may have thought possible.

Myth Busted:

Menopause Means My Life Is Over

Let’s be clear: death is an inevitable part of life — one that all of us will have to face. However, reaching menopause does not mean your life is over. In fact, now is the perfect time to face your fears about death head on so you can live even more fully!

Nathalie works with her clients to face the reality of death with self-compassion, and live fully and joyfully in the moment.

More Menopause Explorations

Many who are dealing with menopause also find that they come face to face with residual grief that hasn’t been fully dealt with from the past. New grief can also emerge, such as the need to grieve for an old way of living, feeling, or being.

Money is another concern that comes up at this time of life. Just like menopause, money is also a taboo conversation — another that it’s time to break for good! Nathalie guides women in understanding their relationship with money in the past, and how to move forward to create better habits, practices, and perspectives that can transform their lives for the better. 

Self-image also comes up for examination during this life transition. Exploring the physical and emotional reasons for how you feel about yourself can help you live with more self-compassion.

Mastering Your Own Menopause

Your journey through menopause has been paved by many women who have come before you. Your experience is your own, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Get the support you need to thrive each step of the way by scheduling menopause support time with Nathalie today.

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