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My Menopause (because this is all about YOU)

Perimenopause. Menopause. Postmenopause. These are the three stages of menopause as documented by the medical field, but no two women experience the exact same symptoms at the exact same age. Your experience of menopause is unique to YOU, and so should your menopause support be. The My Menopause offering is custom designed to suit your journey and your experience of it. Together, let’s start where you are now and move forward based on your inner compass with the support of tailored education. Emerge whole and powerful into the next stage of life. It all starts with self-awareness. Includes a written report. Payment must be received before the report is sent.

$199 per 90-minute session

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Direct Your Days Program

Don’t let menopause or any second-half-of-life issues keep you from thriving at home, at work, and within. This special 10-session package will help you transform your days NOW so you can live fully. Weaving in elements from the full spectrum of My Menopause offerings, our work together here will be grounded in four areas of focus:

Part 1: Self reflexion, life review, focusing on love, sources of happiness, trust, values, leads to identifying points of resistance

Part 2: Weigh your options, work on resistance

Part 3: Break taboos, work on plans, inner freedom expansion, alignment with values

Part 4: Celebrate decisions and sharing, discover real empowerment The Direct Your Days Program is for you if you are ready to feel seen, heard, and understood; gain clarity; gain confidence; feel empowered; find inner freedom; and find peace.

$997 for ten 50-minute sessions