What People Are Saying

When I decided to do Nathalie’s program, I was curious and didn’t know what to expect, but I came away from it with greater understanding and clarity of what’s important to me, how I can fit more of what I want into my life, and what are the obstacles holding me back from doing that. Nathalie immediately put me at ease and talking to her was a joy because she is so warm, understanding and nonjudgmental. For most sessions Nathalie gave me an assignment which required me to think deeply about what a perfect day would consist of, my bucket list, my values, and my limitations and face all of these honestly. From this Nathalie helped guide me to see the real possibilities for my life and what I could do to make some of these come true. I am way past 50, but now I have a greater understanding of how to make the years I have left full and meaningful. -barbara
Nathalie is amazing at bringing out the very best in me and others. Her non-judgmental quality builds confidence, and helps me shine. Her scientific background and dedication to figuring out how things work have helped me attain quality of life. Not only from a holistic approach but finding spiritual growth from within, she can bring out the very best in anyone, to have a life of fulfillment and meaning. It has helped me greatly, from running my business to dealing with people on a whole new level. -Ingrid
After our first conversation yesterday Nathalie boosted my self confidence and lessened my anxiety. I couldn't stop smiling ! Knowing she will be there to help support me is very empowering and I really can't thank her enough. -Susan
Nathalie helped me during an unusual time in my life. I was caring for my mother whose health was declining. Just days after her passing, I was faced with an unexpected surgery—a total hysterectomy and removal of an enormous ovarian mass. She was a great listener and helped not only with my grief but also with my pre-surgery anxiety. Her knowledge of biology and women’s health paired nicely with her warm, kind, caring heart. Nathalie helped prepare me, a woman in midlife, both mentally and physically for my surgery AND helped me process my mom’s end of life. -Mary
It’s not the services that Nathalie offers that set her apart from others, but rather who she is: a compassionate individual who always makes time for others, often for nothing in return. She offers kindness, presence and an ability to make everyone she comes in contact with feel empowered. -Agapi
Nathalie is kind, knowledgeable and very understanding about the changes we can experience at menopause and the impact it has on our lives. She provided a space where I was able to discuss my concerns freely, comfortably, and honestly and gave me very helpful information and suggestions to make a challenging time much easier. -Elisabeth