What People Are Saying

Nathalie, I want to thank you so much for your support and for listening to me in my struggle to remain healthy in post-menopause. Meeting you and talking to you have really encouraged me to be more proactive in my communications with medical providers. You're an angel! - Barbara
Nathalie is a true cheerleader and supporter who helped me get through the hard times of menopause! She did provide lots of information about menopause, which helped me understand more about menopause. And she did listen to me to understand my pains, worries, and problems I've been carrying. It was a precious time with her to let me clear my head and cleanse my heart. The information and suggestions she provided also gave me guidance on how to move forward. At the end of it all, I felt so much relief. Thank you, Nathalie! - Minako
I had the privilege of receiving support and guidance from Nathalie after being diagnosed with PCOS and finding a breast lump that required removal and further testing. I had many questions relating to hormones and how to best support my body and mind throughout all these changes. 

Throughout our discussions, she demonstrated an impressive depth of knowledge, providing me with valuable information and insights that greatly improved my understanding of these complex health issues. Her ability to explain medical concepts in a clear and relatable manner was truly remarkable. I never felt overwhelmed by the vast amount of information, thanks to her skillful communication.

Nathalie provided practical advice and strategies for managing these conditions as well as my stress levels. Her guidance empowered me to take control of my health and make informed decisions. She also provided links and book recommendations so that I could be better informed and look things up on my own time.

But beyond her knowledge and expertise, it was her kindness and warmth that made all the difference. She created a safe and open space for me to share my concerns, fears, and questions. Her willingness to listen and provide emotional support was invaluable during a challenging time. She made me feel heard, validated, valued, and never alone in my journey.

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking support and guidance related to PCOS, perimenopause, or any other hormone related issues. Thank you for all that you do!
- Breanna
I found Nathalie after a good number of attempts to find someone who could listen, understand, and 'see' me via her YouTube channel. Prior to speaking with her, I had spoken to a variety of psychologists, therapists, and medical professionals. Though they understood the transition to menopause and perhaps had even experienced it themselves, it was apparent to me that in order for me to find the right support, I needed someone like Nathalie. This is because Nathalie is a gifted listener and spent time understanding me from the physiological, mental, and spiritual dimensions. I had not found those aspects to be connected in such a harmonized manner and was intrigued after our initial meeting. Because she came from her own experiences as a molecular biologist (and she is still very much a scientist!), I found myself feeling that she could resonate with me. Nathalie provided not only the factual materials about perimenopause, but she gave insights as to how to live after going through the transition. As a result of our interactions, I feel that I have been able to (re)establish focus, self-confidence, purpose, and above all, joy, in my life. - Ellen
Nathalie Bonafé helped me a lot - and because of the thousands of miles apart, she had to do it virtually. First, and maybe most importantly, I really appreciated her listening skills and her empathy. They let me share details of my personal and professional situation without feeling judged. After that, Nathalie shared some personalized key tools from her toolbox which I found particularly effective. As a result, by applying her suggestions and hints, I overcame some of the challenges that had been persistent continuing roadblocks. A big thank you, Nathalie - Helen
Nathalie Bonafé came from a place of pure love, compassion and understanding when she began helping me unravel the “mess” I thought and felt myself and my life had become. Together we started putting the pieces back in their proper place that hormones, or lack thereof, had made it seem impossible for me to do by myself. I was 43 and reeling from events that COVID-19 had put into motion and quite literally thought I might be going crazy. With Nathalie’s gentle but steady guidance, I went from a terrified, depressed and anxious unknowingly perimenopausal woman to the confidant, happy, and empowered perimenopausal woman ready to kick ass and take names later writing this glowing recommendation you’re reading. I am in the beginning stages of seeing a new Nurse Practitioner about starting HRT, cleaning up my diet and exercise regimen, and have been working at a new job that I love for three months now. Just know that every penny and moment you spend working with Nathalie will be very well spent! - Amber
The loss of several loved ones over the last two years had left both my husband and me weighed down by depression and hopelessness. I was filled with nothing but rage. Rage at my husband, at myself, at life. Fortunately, soon after a holiday visit, I began working with Nathalie Bonafé, who has helped me cope with everything that had been crushing my soul.

She began by looking at my/our situation holistically and saw what neither any doctors nor therapists I had been able to see since we had been looking at my situation piecemeal, one difficulty at a time. After a few sessions and a lot of research on her part, Nathalie helped me realize that everything stemmed from an unlikely source: my thyroid (removed in 201).

She helped me understand what exactly I should do before each thyroid test so that I would get the most accurate readings, and she steered me toward a number of over-the-counter supplements that make compounded thyroid medication work more effectively. But she didn’t stop there.

 Nathalie helped me find a yoga class and a class on relieving my anxieties by breathing mindfully. Indirectly, her patient and subtle guidance even helped strengthen my marriage. It’s not “back to 100%”, but it’s at least back to 75% – and that is unbelievably awesome (and was totally unexpected).

Working with Nathalie has freed me from crippling frustration and rage. She taught me to let go of things I can’t control and now “Let it Go” has become my daily saying.
- Anita
For whatever personal or cultural reason, I found myself in a very dark place when I realized that I was in the transition to menopause. I felt like I had no more value. I was sad, scared and really depressed. Reaching out to Nathalie was a cry for help. By the time I had finished my sessions with her I was in a very different place - a place of real power. I am so thankful for that. Menopause and midlife are such an incredible time for revaluation and rebirth. Thank you Nathalie. - Abigail
Nathalie is a breath of fresh air. I felt so fortunate to have 'found' Nathalie, who is also a Women's Health Advocate. As an advocate who knows her way around the healthcare system (i.e, tests; insurance; how to pinpoint focus your conversations - 'The Dance', with your doctor) it is extremely comforting when a health crisis arises, as Nathalie is your advocate.

I worked with Nat on a recent health crisis and immediately felt soothed by her calm, logical and compassionate approach. With her research as a scientist in the field of genetics and in the OB/GYN Department of Yale University, her wide-based medical knowledge made it easy to have these very important conversations with her. At the very beginning of my health crisis, Nathalie was able to fit me into her very busy schedule. During the course of our conversations, I was able to discuss very uncomfortable heath issues with ease, because of her finely-tuned communication skills: attentiveness in listening, kindness, coupled with a little bit of lightness to relieve my stress.

Her website is straightforward to navigate with great menu options, detailed descriptions of what programs she offer's and it is straightforward to contact her. These are all important factors when trying to navigate a health crisis and reach the right person.

I highly and unequivocally recommend Nathalie Bonafe without reservation. Further, the whole experience with Nat was absolutely positive and rejuvenating; she is a brilliant and compassionate Women's Health Advocate! We are so lucky that she lives in and has her practice in Connecticut. Nathalie is an amazing human being.
- Deborah
Nathalie is kind, knowledgeable and very understanding about the changes we can experience at menopause and the impact it has on our lives. She provided a space where I was able to discuss my concerns freely, comfortably, and honestly and gave me very helpful information and suggestions to make a challenging time much easier. - Elisabeth
When I decided to do Nathalie’s program, I was curious and didn’t know what to expect, but I came away from it with greater understanding and clarity of what’s important to me, how I can fit more of what I want into my life, and what are the obstacles holding me back from doing that. Nathalie immediately put me at ease and talking to her was a joy because she is so warm, understanding and nonjudgmental. For most sessions Nathalie gave me an assignment which required me to think deeply about what a perfect day would consist of, my bucket list, my values, and my limitations and face all of these honestly. From this Nathalie helped guide me to see the real possibilities for my life and what I could do to make some of these come true. I am way past 50, but now I have a greater understanding of how to make the years I have left full and meaningful. -barbara
Nathalie is amazing at bringing out the very best in me and others. Her non-judgmental quality builds confidence, and helps me shine. Her scientific background and dedication to figuring out how things work have helped me attain quality of life. Not only from a holistic approach but finding spiritual growth from within, she can bring out the very best in anyone, to have a life of fulfillment and meaning. It has helped me greatly, from running my business to dealing with people on a whole new level. -Ingrid
After our first conversation yesterday Nathalie boosted my self confidence and lessened my anxiety. I couldn't stop smiling ! Knowing she will be there to help support me is very empowering and I really can't thank her enough. -Susan
Nathalie helped me during an unusual time in my life. I was caring for my mother whose health was declining. Just days after her passing, I was faced with an unexpected surgery—a total hysterectomy and removal of an enormous ovarian mass. She was a great listener and helped not only with my grief but also with my pre-surgery anxiety. Her knowledge of biology and women’s health paired nicely with her warm, kind, caring heart. Nathalie helped prepare me, a woman in midlife, both mentally and physically for my surgery AND helped me process my mom’s end of life. -Mary
It’s not the services that Nathalie offers that set her apart from others, but rather who she is: a compassionate individual who always makes time for others, often for nothing in return. She offers kindness, presence and an ability to make everyone she comes in contact with feel empowered. -Agapi