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My Menopause + Program

In addition to the cornerstone My Menopause offering, I also offer customized packages to hone in on specific issues you are personally grappling with during this transformative time.

My Menopause (because this is all about YOU)

Perimenopause. Menopause. Postmenopause. These are the three stages of menopause as documented by the medical field, but no two women experience the exact same symptoms at the exact same age. Your experience of menopause is unique to YOU, and so should your menopause support be.

The My Menopause offering is custom designed to suit your journey, and your experience of it. Together, let’s start where you are now and move forward based on your inner compass with the support of tailored education. Emerge whole and powerful into the next stage of life. It all starts with self-awareness.

$199 per 90-minute session

My Menopause + Grief

By the age of 40, most women have experienced losses: a lost loved one, a miscarriage, a painful breakup or divorce, a layoff. There is very little room in our society for dealing with the natural state of grief that happens around these losses, or for processing the emotions surrounding them. Is it any wonder then that we rarely take time to deal with our grief, and we end up carrying that pain into all aspects of our lives?

With the My Menopause + Grief offering, you have a safe space to process those emotions. This offering includes a three-session package to help you identify the areas that need attention so you can move forward with acceptance and love of life again.

$299 for three 50-minute sessions

My Menopause + Career

We have decades of skills and work experience under our belts by the time we hit 40, yet we’re now often faced with midlife sexism and ageism. How can you process these experiences and take action to bolster your career in this second half of life?

Together, we’ll create a safe space for you to speak about and process your emotional reality around being pushed aside at work. You can turn things around for yourself! Learn to convince your employer to provide specific support, create targeted change within your organization, and find the pragmatic solutions you need to continue to grow. This three-session package will help you identify the areas in your work that need attention before you can move forward with your career.

$299 for three 50-minute sessions

My Menopause + Relationships

Our quality of life depends on the quality of our relationships, and menopause is often a turning point. Together, we’ll explore the biological factors behind relationship problems and give you tools to rebuild based on your own goals and values.

Menopause affects each of us in unique and unusual ways. Let’s take a look at where you’re at and equip you with tools you can apply to strengthen and rebuild your relationships. This three-session package will help you identify the relationships that most need attention to facilitate you moving forward powerfully with your life.

$299 for three 50-minute sessions

My Menopause + Self-Image

Many women struggle to feel good about themselves in midlife, yet the physical and emotional reasons behind this are rarely explored together. In the space we create together, you will have the opportunity to see how menopause is affecting your self-image, and take steps to shift your thoughts towards self-compassion.

This three-session package will help you identify the reasons behind your own experience with self-image and equip you to move forward into this next phase of life with wholeness and self-worth.

$299 for three 50-minute sessions

My Menopause + MONEY

Money is a touchy subject for many — the source of deep emotions, conflicts, and anxiety. When we maintain this taboo against talking about money, however, we block ourselves from accessing an important strategy for addressing anxiety. The money taboo also keeps us ignorant of better habits, practices, and perspectives that could transform our lives for the better.

The taboo gets some of its power because it’s so hard to admit and discuss mistakes — perhaps especially with those closest to us. We make a mistake, we feel shame and hide it, and we avoid the topic of money altogether, thereby reinforcing the taboo.

Together, we’ll create a comfortable space for you to safely process your thoughts, emotions, and yes, even mistakes around money. You’ll also come away from this three-session package equipped with simple strategies to help you take charge of your money habits and regain clarity around your choices and goals.

$299 for three 50-minute sessions

My Menopause + FEAR

Research tells us that women tend to be more afraid of death than men, and that women’s fears gain new traction in their 50s. This fear is normal and natural — but it doesn’t have to stop you from living and aging well. Even minor anxieties have the potential to greatly affect the way we behave, and can result in troubling physical symptoms.

If fear and anxiety about death is negatively impacting your day-to-day life, this three-session package is for you. You will experience a safe space to process your fear of death and your feelings about menopause. You’ll leave the sessions equipped with knowledge that will help you regain your “joie de vivre,” and your focus on what matters most to you.

$299 for three 50-minute sessions